The $10,000 Bottle

Hello! I’m Bausujo, a photojournalist and an art photographer.
And this is the world’s most expensive picture of a bottle.


TITLE: The $10,000 Bottle | AUTHOR: Bausujo | PRICE: US$ 10,000

Buy the only one print of this picture. Hang it on the wall of your living room. Make this your own art act. This work is not finished yet. Be a part of it. It will just be a complete art item when bought and posted up on a wall.

And even more. You’ll have a $10,000 contemporary art item on your room.

Write us to buy the 10 x 16 inches (approx.) print of this picture. We’ll be in touch, the payment will be completely secure and your information will be kept private.

PS: If you find a more expensive photograph of a bottle, we’ll raise the price for you.

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